Gulf Fire hose reel


Additional Information

The GULFFIRE hose Reels are manufactured according to the specifications of BS EN671-1: 2001 standard and got certified by BSI for Kite Mark. The Semi rigid hose itself confirms to the requirements of BS EN 694: 2001 and is KITE-MARK certified from BSI.

The Main classifications of GULFFIRE Hose reels are as follows

  1. Swing Pipe manual Hose reel, Cabinet mounted
  2. Swing Arm Manual hose reel, Cabinet Mounted
  3. Swing Arm Automatic hose reel, cabinet mounted


The hose reel assembly consist to the following major components

  1. Drum
  2. Side Plates
  3. Waterway
  4. Arm Bracket
  5. Hose
  6. Nozzle

The drum and side plates are made of High quality steel sheets without any sharp edges. The waterway is made of brass and the entire assembly is finished with epoxy powder coating in red color which will secure against corrosion.

Hydro static Properties:

Working Pressure: 12 bar

Test Pressure; 18 bar

Burst pressure: 45 bar